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Graduation Flowers

Designers' Picks!


The ladies here at the shop have put together a vast selection of cool, new designs for when you are looking for something a little off the beaten path!  A few of these designs are based on some of our best customers' ideas!  Some are in response to customer demand.  

Looking for an attention-getting, dramatic pop for your next gathering?  These designs are sure to do the trick!  

Many of these arrangements may be altered to fit your color palette/needs!


Please note that the wine bottle in our arrangement photographs is for scale and not available for delivery.

Due to COVID, some glass, containers and plush animals have become unavailable.  We will continue to make beautiful arrangements in the container closest to the photo while we pray for dry-good stock to return to normal.  We sincerely appreciate your understanding!

D-1 $145.00
D-2 $155.00
D-3 $80.00
D-4 $210.00
D-6/MD10 $240.00
D-8 $85.00
D-9 $155.00
D-10 $200.00
D-11 $125.00
D-12 $140.00
D-13 $100.00
D-14 $75.00
D-15 $165.00